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Dan Liu wins record Warm-up Event

Dan Liu wins record Warm-up Event

APPT Macau started off in full swing at the PokerStars LIVE Macau Poker Room.

The highlight event of the opening day was the HK$5,000 Warm-up event which set a record field of 374 players hitting the felt.

China’s Dan Liu defeated the record sized field to emerge as the winner of the Warm-Up Event and its HK$375,410 prize money for the 1st Place. In total, 45 players cashed for a share of the HK$1,632,510 prize pool.
The final table began with nine Mainland China players so it was no surprise that Liu would go heads up against a fellow countryman, Chen Yuan, for the title.

Liu entered the duel with a massive 3m-to-700k chip advantage and it took just over 10 minutes for the final hand to arrive. Both players went all-in pre-flop.

Liu: Q♠5♣ 
Yuan: K♠5♦

The board ran Q♥3♣3♠7♣9♦ giving Liu two pair to seal the win. It was the 36-year old businessman’s first ever live tournament title. Great Going Dan !


  1. Dan Liu (China) — HK$375,410
  2. Chen Yuan (China) — HK$236,700
  3. Guoliang Wei (China) — HK$146,900
  4. Thomas Syversen (Norway) — HK$115,900
  5. Man Hin Siu (Hong Kong) — HK$85,700
  6. Donald Lange (USA) — HK$69,400
  7. Phachara Wongwichit (Australia) — HK$53,100
  8. Guanhua Huang (China) — HK$44,900
  9. Yongxiang Guo (China) — HK$37,500