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The final two players Umesh and Maruth Strikes a Deal Amongst themselves and Decides the Final 2 Place in the Following Manner:

1st Place: Rs 1,70,000
2nd Place: Rs 1,55,000

The Final Hand.

At Blind:15000/30000 Ante: 3000 Time: 04:20am

Both Players Limp in to see the flop and check the Turn and on the River Maruth Makes a bet to which Umesh who has run out of patience and goes over the top all in to which Maruth Snap Calls with Two Pairs 6’s and 4’s. Maruth covers Umesh’s total stack and wins the KQPS 5 LaKhs GTD Main Event Champion. Maruth Receives the Bumper Cash Prize of Rs 1,70,000 and Umesh gets Rs 1,55,000.

Blind: 10000/20000 Ante: 2000 Timer: 03:45am

Umesh: 6d 5d
Bharath:Ks Ad

Umesh decides to make a move after a long stretch of no Action with an All-in to which Bharath the Eliminator Makes the call. The Flop Kd 8h 9d giving Umesh a Gut Shot Draw as well as a Flush Draw. And Bharath in full hopes that he is going to win with Over Cards. The turn 7s turns down all hope for Bharath to continue in this game as Umesh hits the 2nd Nut Straight. Bharath’s Run comes to an End and he finishes in 4th Place and wins a cash prize of Rs 70,000.

In another All in action, Umesh is on the hot seat eliminating Sandeep in 3rd Place. Umesh’s Pocket 10’s wins and he takes down the pot. Sandeep receives Rs 90,000 in Cash.

The Eliminator Continues his Streak of Busting and this time Anand gets wiped out of his chip stack by him. Anand receives Rs 30,000 for his 10 hour long Grind in the KQPS 5Lakh GTD Main Event and finishes in 6th place.

Blind: 8000/16000 Ante:2000 Timer: 03:10am

Raunak: Jh Js
Sandeep: Ks Qc

Raunak goes over the top All in to the raise made by Sandeep to which Sandeep makes the call. Sandeep hits a pair of Queens on the Flop. The turn and the River weren’t in the favour of Raunak. Raunak is Eliminated in 5th Place and takes home Rs 35,000 in cash.

The remaining 8 players continue to fight for the 1st place and the Elegant Main Event Champion Trophy.

Bharath’s Hot Run continues and he becomes the (Eliminator) on the table

Blind: 6000/12000 Ante: 1000 Time: 2:08am

Here Bharath Shows Kh Kd and Pramuth Qh Ks. Pramuth feels totally disappointed. The flop Turn and River Didn’t connect for him and is Eliminated in 8th Place. Pramuth Takes home Rs 22,000 Cash.

Arun gets Eliminated by Umesh in a couple of hands. Umesh receives Rs 25,000.

Table no: 3 Blind: 6000/12000 Ante: 1000 Time: 01:55am

Rupesh and Bharath goes in a HU Action Where these were the cards:

Rupesh: Ks Qd
Bharath: Ac 7h

The Flop Ac Qh Ah giving Rupesh a pair of Queens and a pair of Ace and Bharath a Set of Aces. The turn and river were of no help to Rupesh and he is the first Eliminator on the Final table. Rupesh is Eliminated at 10th Place and Grabs Rs 15,000 in Cash for his efforts.

The 9th Place Finisher of the tournament is Mr Achal and he receives Rs 18,000 as Cash Prize.